Artist Residency Swap – ARS is a platform and community, where artists can swap both their work space and home with each other.

ARS is run by curator Anni Fahler and artist Timo Wright.

ARS wants to offer all artists/creatives the chance to take part in the residency program regardless of their age, gender, social class or position in the art world.

ARS’ background is in the art gallery called Unknown Cargo, which reveals its artist only after the exhibition. With this project, we have tested out new ways of accessing and creating art. Unknown Cargo gallery also attempted to bring forth more financial equality and fairness to the art world, preconditioned mainly by economic forces which tend to disregard the liberties of the artists. We have operated for 5 years in Helsinki, and also in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Brand identity and visual design by Johanna Hörkkö.

The development of this website has been funded by the kind support of Saastamoinen Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

If you have any questions, please send us a mail at!