Artist presentation – Julia Knipschildt

In late October 2019 two artist & cultural workers from Finland and Denmark will do a funded residency swap between these two countries and we at ARS want you to get to know them too:

I’m a Danish based analog photographer with a background in architecture. My approach to photography is exploratory with a look for narratives. I’m curious on how we perceive, and this is reflected in my subject matters, which circle around the sensuous perception, changeability and the story of places.

I often travel to unknown and remote places to find my motives and I find that Finland can give me that opportunity. Therefore a travel to Finland has been on my ‘to do before I die’-list for a long time. So when I was introduced to ARS by a friend Sofie from Monday Studio Copenhagen, I wasn´t in doubt: the Finnish landscape, the architecture and the long Finnish tradition for photography can only be an inspiration which I can take with me in my future work.

Julia Knipschildt

In cooperation with Finnish Cultural Institutet in Denmark